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Natural quartz aggregates (90% – 92%), polyester resin (8 to 10%), and colours make up Kalingastone Engineered Quartz. As a result, this substance is technically a natural substance that has been combined and compacted utilising cutting-edge technology.

For all applications where natural marble or granite can be used, including flooring, wall cladding, kitchen counter tops, vanity tops, furniture application, bathrooms, door jambs & framing, and window sills, Kalingastone Engineered Quartz Series is a suitable substitute.

We should refrain from placing hot objects directly on the Kalingastone Quartz kitchen countertop. Coasters are a better alternative.

We recommend to use neutral pH cleaners only. However, for general cleaning, we advise using ‘CIF’ Cleaning Cream.

Marble quartz provider in gwalior Kalingastone quartz and marble are available at Jainsons Home Café in Gwalior. Kalingastone has an exclusive experience center at Jainsons with complete display of our products. It is the largest display center in central India. Besides composite quartz and marble, they also have natural marble and Kalesinterflex products at display.

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